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Elevating event success through sponsorship opportunities.

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Bringing sponsorship opportunities and event holders together to achieve amazing results.

Sela consider all key elements when nurturing commercial opportunities through sponsorship agreements and professional client servicing. Our objective is to bring together the best brands and events to achieve joint success for all parties involved.

We have established ourselves at the forefront of the sponsorship industry, establishing high profile deals such as the those with the Saudi football federation, General Sports Authority, General Entertainment Authority and more. In 2012, we established sponsorship deals between Abdullateef Jameel and the Saudi Professional League - the largest ever sponsorship deal in the region.

Building Relationships

Client Servicing

We work in tandem with our clients to ensure that they are satisfied with their sponsorships and working relationships. We assess every given situation along the way and make sure to communicate any missed opportunities or how to overcome any obstacles concerning their event.


Sela are here to handle all of your sponsorship needs, from identifying commercial assets and sponsorship packages to performance monitoring and reporting.

Whether you are a brand seeking opportunities for sponsorship or an event or club looking for the ideal sponsors for your needs, we're here to help.


Creating new fashion brands and products, providing client fashion consultation, activations, and experiences.


Developing strategy, pricing, and sales of retail units as well as retail operations management

Commercial Assets

Identifying key commercial assets, managing properties’ inventories, and tailoring sponsorship packages


Developing activations plans for clients to maximize sponsorship benefits

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